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Trim Your Waistline with Ease

Health Save & Slay Authored By Big Steps 25 Comment(s)

What if we told you one sure fire way to trim your waistline that requires less than 20 minutes out of your week? Would you do it? How about if this new tactic could also save you money?

Do we have your attention? Here is the ultimate LIFE HACK that will not only trim your waistline, but also improve many digestive functions.

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Exercise Equipment for <$25

Health Save & Slay Authored By Diamond Clay 25 Comment(s)
Because we love you, we have created a list of necessities to jump-start your equipment collection that requires little investment. Places like Five Below, Walmart, and Amazon provide a variety of options at placed at your fingertips starting as low as $1.50.  Because Save and Slay advocates the Coin Conservation Movement, this article is based on the haven, 5 Below, where everything is priced at $5 or BELOW. We have compiled a list of products they offer that will be essential to your workout success.
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